Following hurricanes Irma and Maria, Loíza’s 29,000 residents became isolated on an island within an island, cut-off from the rest of Puerto Rico and delaying response time for much needed supplies and electricity. 

At that time, there was no designated shelter forcing the thousands of displaced residents to improvise housing.


Sun Mirrors for LoízaSolar Energy for Emergency Shelter: Loíza, Puerto Rico

In April 2020, AESARA Foundation started the fundraising campaign for  84

solar panels

By end of June, we exceeded our goal and secured  110

solar panels

The Power is required for critical medical equipment to operate such as:


Dialysis machines

Oxygen concentration

Medical refrigerators

Communication equipment for evacuation

Project schedule

Start - July 21, completion of project - October 23


Windmar makes it 6

Huge thank you to Windmar for donating a Tesla battery, bringing our total up to 6!


Solar panels have been installed

Sun Mirrors

The crew was carefully installing the last solar panel.


Lavoz Digital

Oct 5 2020

Lavoz Digital

Super refugio de Loíza recibe 100 placas solares por Aseara Foundation

noticias Xtra

Oct 5 2020

noticias Xtra

"Esta es una inversión de $125,525, donde también hay una aportación sustancial de la empresa local Windmar Group...


Oct 9 2020


Super refugio de Loíza recibe $125,525 de inversión en 100 placas solares y baterías Tesla para aportar a su resiliencia

Sun Mirrors Story in Local Press‚Äč

The mayor of Loíza, Julia Nazario Fuentes, reported that the super shelter that she is enabling for the next hurricane season will have solar panels, thanks to the efforts of the AESARA Foundation, a non-profit entity led by the businesswoman of the medical and pharmaceutical industry, Sissi Pham.

“A fundraising campaign is currently being carried out to complete the project, so we urge all those interested in contributing to access this link:, where the contribution alternatives are indicated, since the project has a cost of $ 115,000 and $ 104,000 has already been raised. The hurricane season begins on June 1 and we must be prepared,” said the mayor.

The philanthropic entity has been consistent in assisting Loíza in multiple initiatives, such as the donation of $300,000 in medical equipment and supplies for the emergency room of said municipality. The contribution consisted of stretchers to attend to patients and reclining seats for companions, as well as x-ray equipment and surgical material.

The relationship with AESARA¬†arose after a visit by the mayor to the Silicon Valley Foundation in California, thanks to the efforts made by Dr. Nelson Col√≥n Tarrats of the Community Foundation of Puerto Rico (PRCF). ‚ÄúThere we presented the pre and post hurricane situation, then they ask us to work on a specific project and they got other foundations. Certainly AESARA and Sissi Pham have been a great blessing for Lo√≠za ‚ÄĚ. The commitment has also been extended to the reconstruction of homes and the urban cleaning and restoration project.

Nature powering Loíza’s next chapter