Resilient Loíza: Trip One

Our efforts culminated on September 21-25 when, with 25 excited volunteers in tow, we had the honor and privilege to make the first trip to Loíza to lend our support to the community.

During our time in September 2018,
we had the opportunity to assist with the:

1. Repainting of 2 homes;
2. Tiling of 1 home;
3. Installation of 1 roof;
4. Re-painting of the Urgency Care Centre;
5. Creation of original artwork by the children of Loíza

Resilient Loíza: Trip Two

With homes around the Loíza town square still requiring refurbishment due to hurricane damage the opportunity was given to AESARA to not only repair these homes, but giving an uplift. Our task was to help build the look-and-feel of the square.

Our team worked on revitalizing the exteriors of homes around the square of Loiza we understood the mayor’s broader goals of stimulating the economy and increasing tourism in Loiza.

Resilient Loíza: Trip Three

Our third trip to Loiza continued the revitalization effort initiated in September 2019 around the town square. This service trip however featured several new partners / vacationers in Puerto Rico who heard about the ongoing work and came to lend a hand.

It was a huge success for Loiza and has started the spark we wanted as many more more homes are now being beautified.

Restoration of Coastal Louisiana Reef Service project

AESARA Foundation partnered with the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana (CRCL) to drive sustainable change through reef restoration of the Louisiana seacoast.

Our team in partnership with several AESARA clients worked to support the Oyster shell recycling process, which is used to build naturally-simulated reefs that help fortify the coastline against potential hurricanes.

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