Mar 2022

  1. Two key needs identified were personal protective equipment (high grade) and medical supplies. PPE can be used by volunteers who are involved in relief efforts in areas where military operations are ongoing.
    Medical supplies — mostly first aid kits, well put together, with hemostatic pads and¬†tourniquets.

  2. I have found a reputable charity foundation in Germany, who will send me their docs to verify today or tomorrow. They are confident that they will be able to purchase supplies in Europe and, most importantly, have transport and can arrange border clearance in order to deliver the goods to Ukraine.

All for now.


Solomiya Rozhko

Solomiya, who works for the European Union Advisory Mission in Ukraine, has relocated to Poland and is actively working to determine what help is needed where and how to effectively provide it. Solomiya will be the nearest person on the ground and will work with the AESARA Foundation to direct the funds we raise to where they are most needed.

AESARA Foundation Update

AESARA Foundation Update: We have raised ~40K to date. Working on avenues to provide medical supplies. Hope to talk with Sol in next few days.