On Saturday, February 24, 2022, Russia launched an invasion of Ukraine. All of us may be witnessing this human tragedy unfolding from the safety of our home, city and country but we have the ability to stand with the people of Ukraine.

Join us in fundraising to directly help the people of Ukraine. Five years ago, the AESARA Foundation organized a service trip to Loiza, Puerto Rico to help them rebuild after the twin hurricanes.Ā  Ruslan Horbluyk from our team shared with his friend Solomiya Rozhko about our upcoming service trip. Solomiya flew from Ukraine to help a community that up until then she knew nothing about except that they needed help. Fast forward to 24 February 2022, Ruslanā€™s immediate family lives in the western part of Ukraine and living hour by hour not knowing what will come next. Solomiya, who works for the European Union Advisory Mission in Ukraine,Ā has relocated to Poland and is actively working to determine what help is needed where and how to effectively provide it. Solomiya will be the nearest person on the ground and will work with the AESARA Foundation to direct the funds we raise to where they are most needed.Ā  Even as she is getting her bearings in Poland, she has already identified that medical supplies are in high demand, Poland crisis relief centers have been unbelievable but will need assistance, and knows of a few NGOs in smaller towns in the eastern part of Ukraine that require help. Many of us want to help but donā€™t know how to do it effectively.Ā  AESARA Foundation will fundraise as long as the need exists and commit to directing your donations to the urgent needs of the people of Ukraine.

The AESARA Foundation has contributed $20,000 to initiate the fundraising for Ukraine.

Solomiya will be providing regular updates on what is needed and how we can be of help.

Ruslan Horbluyk

Solomiya Rozhko (middle)

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Hereā€™s what you can do:

  • Donate in collaboration with the AESARA Foundation
  • Spread the word, talk to your friends and family about getting involved, and share our posts on social media. We can go further in helping Ukraine with your donation!

We have the ability to help
We can go further with your help

Service Trip Booking

Unfortunately, our 2021 service trips are cancelled due to Covid-19.
Feel fee to keep in touch and we will let you our plan for 2022.