Nearly a year has passed since Hurricane Maria devastated the island of Puerto Rico. Eleven months later, power is restored to nearly everyone on the island. Despite the long wait, this is a major step forward in helping the island to recover.

But much more is yet needed to rebuild Puerto Rico.

Road to RebuildResilient Loíza Service Trip

For Loíza to restore and retain its self-sufficiency and resilient, basic health care and emergency shelter must be established. Currently there is no emergency shelter in Loíza and only one urgent care center that lacks even the basic equipment and supplies to provide medical care; current equipment is limited, antiquated and even rusted, and few medications are available to dispense. 

In July 2018, we met with Hon. Mayor Julia M. Nazario Fuentes and her team at the Municipality of Loíza.  Under their leadership, we saw a deep love, respect and commitment for their community further cementing our commitment to Loíza. 

We are committed

In 2018 AESARA Foundation committed to partner with the city of Loiza. To walk with them as they re-imagined a rebuilt, hurricane ready city.

The work began in September. Our entire AESARA team, along side the Loiza citizens, volunteers and partners rebuilt and refurbished home so families could move back again.

Road to Rebuild 
3-day Mission

The rebuild of local residences destroyed by Hurricane Maria









Stroke by Stroke

Nail by Nail

Tile by Tile

Refurbishment of the Loíza urgency care center due to the damage sustained from Hurricane Maria