On Saturday, August 14, 2021, a devastating 7.2-magnitude earthquake struck the southwestern region of Haiti. The earthquake toppled buildings and homes, damaging infrastructure and roads, cutting off access to some roads in the southwest, and forcing many to flee their homes in fear of collapse.

The AESARA Foundation in collaboration with our on the ground partner MedShare, will be donating funds in response to the crisis. Medshare has a long history of providing lifesaving supplies and equipment to Haiti, as well have assisted with our efforts in Puerto Rico.

The AESARA Foundation has already contributed $10,000 in rescue efforts.

The most recent data cites over 1,300 lives lost, over 5,000 injured, and thousands more without permanent shelter. The Haitian Civil Protection General Directorate (DGPC) reports more than 700 collapsed buildings, including hospitals, schools and churches, and 2,410 destroyed homes in the department of Nippes and 1,368 in Grandā€™Anse, forcing at least 470 people to seek refuge in shelters, with thousands more thought to be displaced.

This is what MedShare is doing to help:

They have initiated their Disaster Response Protocol to guide their response efforts
They have compiled a needs list based on requests from their partners on the ground
Their Procurement team is reaching out to their product partners to request disaster relief supplies; specifically Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), exam tables, wheelchairs, patient beds, and supplies for wound care
Their Programs team is reaching out to hospital partners in Haiti to determine who has the capacity to receive supplies
They are reaching out to donors that provided support during other disasters
They have received at least two immediate requests for supplies from medical mission teams; They are notifying all medical mission teams destined for Haiti that that they can collect up to 100 lbs. of supplies from their Primary Care Supply Centers without having to donate
They have planned an initial air shipment with one of their key on-the-ground partners, Hope for Haiti
They are coordinating with their air shipment partners, Airlink and Flexport, to help them move the cargo to Haiti; They will also reach out to UPS for possible support
They are expediting two PPE shipments to Haiti that were planned prior to the earthquake in coordination with Kaiser

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Hereā€™s what you can do:

  • Donate in collaboration with the AESARA Foundation
  • Spread the word, talk to your friends and family about getting involved, and share our posts on social media. We can go further in helping Haiti with your donation!

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