Loíza, Puerto Rico continues to suffer deficiencies in shelter and basic provisions for residents impacted during recurring rain and hurricane seasons.

A dilapidated school building promises a hopeful refuge for many.

Loíza, Puerto Rico Needs Your Help!2021 Fundraising to repurpose a school as an emergency shelter

In September 2017, Puerto Rico’s infrastructure was devastated by two major hurricanes.

Hurricane Irma (Category 5) and Hurricane Maria (Category 4) caused widespread damage in quick succession, with less than 2 weeks between the storms, leaving little time to recover and rebuild.

The immediate aftermath of these storms cause residents to lack electricity, fresh food, and clean water. Damage to roadways and infrastructure caused those needing medical treatment limited access to care. These damages persisted for weeks to eventually months. 

The town of Lo√≠za, Puerto Rico was perhaps hit the hardest. As one of the island‚Äôs coastal towns, Lo√≠za inherently suffers geographic barriers of heavy flooding and coastal erosion. Lo√≠za quickly became an ‚Äúisland within an island‚ÄĚ leaving residents isolated with little to no resources.

These storms revealed a fragile system and heightened the urgency to strengthen the island’s infrastructure before another natural disaster.

Even heavy rain storms cause emergency shelter needs in Puerto Rico

30% Medical centers destroyed across Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico residents lacked

Housing | Drinking Water | Electricity

29,000Loíza residents

3,000+Lives lost across Puerto Rico

Covid-19 Impacts on Loíza

In addition to hurricane and heavy rain destruction, Loíza residents must contend with COVID-19 infections and illnesses. Normally, the emergency shelter we are repairing can house 1000 residents, but COVID issues reduce the number to about 500.

A 2020-21 report by the ‚ÄúMunicipal Investigative Agency in Lo√≠za‚ÄĚ (SMICRC) outlined COVID-19 assistance activities that included FACEBOOK newsletters to inform the public of ongoing cases, active infections, and Covid-related deaths in the local area. This report highlighted relevant statistics and pandemic relief objectives. The community of Lo√≠za – 4520 residents – held 30 Covid testing events at local churches, where 2470 residents were tested, 1738 were contact-traced for infection, and 329 positive covid infection cases were identified. 3,000 + student lunches delivered, and social workers provided 23 counseling interventions during the height of the crisis.

60,000 COVID-19 PPE Kits

meals delivered to elderly and incapacitated residents

100,000 + COVID-19 education materials delivered door-to-door

3,000+Student lunches delivered to homes

In the past 4 years...AESARA Foundation has been helping the rebuild

...Our next stepsRepurposing school, Escuela Carlos Escobar Lopez, as an Emergency Shelter with a focus on its infrastructure

Fundraising Goal


Updated: 20th August 2021

AESARA Foundation kickstarted the funding by covering the reinforcement upgrade for Medical wing windows




Medical wing windows reinforcement upgrade

Upgrade plumbing & work/bathrooms

showers facility


Medical wing windows reinforcement upgrade Medical wing windows need reinforcement to withstand hurricane winds and remain intact while protecting residents from the elements.


Upgrade plumbing & work/bathroomsPlumbing in bathrooms is insufficient so it needs upgrading to accommodate functioning toilets.


Outdoor shower
The outdoor showers need upgrading with functioning fixtures and new surfaces.

We still need your help